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Celebrating Women Business Owners: Jeri Lucco

October is National Women’s Small Business Month and, the Worthington Area Chamber of Commerce would like to honor local women who own small businesses. Once a week for the month of October, we will be highlighting one business/woman in the Worthington area who has opened their own small business.

Jeri Lucco is the president and CEO of Franchise Business Source, a division of ATD Business Consulting. Jeri started her business in September of 2017 and has had great success ever since.

What services and goods does your business offer?

“It’s really coaching and consulting. I do some, what I call, franchisee coaching which is someone is a franchisee and I help them through some of the processes of getting started or really helping them think a little bit higher level. Some of the conversations that I have with someone who’s signed is really helping them elevate their thinking to working on the business. I also do some franchise sales which is where I work specifically with franchises to help them find new owners. So, it’s all in that franchise space.”

What’s the most rewarding experience you’ve gotten out of having a business?

“It’s actually when someone finds something they love and they go through the process of getting it opened. Their excitement at signing something and getting started is so fun. It’s the most fun part.”

What advice would you give your younger self about opening a business?

“I wish I would’ve done it 15 years earlier. I would’ve said ‘Don’t be afraid to get

started in something, because you’re in control, even on your worst day, you feel more in control being able to make the decisions for yourself.’ Honestly, I like what I do so much. I have so much fun with the people that I’m talking to, and the businesses I’m talking to. It fits me."


You can learn more about Jeri and her business by clicking here. You can also find Jeri on Facebook here and on LinkedIn here.

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