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Celebrating Women Business Owners: Carlyn Pitterle

Carlyn Pitterle is the creator and business leader of Inkline Printing in Worthington, Ohio. Inkline Printing is a printing company that primarily works on apparel printing and decorating but also focuses on promotion ideas and paper printing to distribute out for other businesses and networks. 

Inkline Printing was created by Carlyn in October 2020, also amid the COVID-19 pandemic. During the pandemic, the former company that Carlyn was working for began to dissolve. Turning a negative into a positive, Carlyn brought a handful of former coworkers with her in help of starting up Inkline Printing. 

“I think transitioning to a smaller team since working in a large company has been a struggle but also has helped us a lot,” Carlyn said. “It’s fun to have our own thing and our small team is super invested and hands on with every customer and order.” 

The more time Carlyn and Inkline Printing have been in the works, the more Carlyn has settled into her role as a women business leader in Worthington. “There are a lot of networks and resources out there to help,” Carlyn admitted. “Being able to meet other women business groups helps us bounce ideas off one another and keep us driven within our company.” 

October is National Women’s Small Business Month and the Worthington Area Chamber, along with our Women's Business Network, is recognizing and celebrating women business leaders like Carilyn. We strive to provide a platform to elevate and empower all women business leaders not just this month, but all year long through development luncheons and networking opportunities. 

“I wish I knew more about my local community and who to target more,” Carlyn expressed. “It's been eye-opening this year and I think doing that right off the bat would’ve helped me start up sooner.” 

You can learn more about Carlyn and her business by visiting her website.

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