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Celebrating Women Business Owners: Jessica Simmons

Meet Jessica Simmons! Jessica is a certified financial planner at Aurora Wealth Advisors and a provider of the Ameriprise financial wellness program. She and her team of advisors help people define their financial goals and then realign their resources in order to achieve their goals quicker.

Jessica is also a specialist in divorce financial planning strategies where she helps people achieve positive divorce outcomes as efficiently and humbling as possible. While working in an environment that can easily turn into a stressed mess, Jessica has found ways to stay positive.

“I have a background in counseling,” Jessica added. “I have to do a lot of self-care and look out for my own emotional well-being first before taking on the duty to help others take care of their financial and emotional well-beings.”

While entering a male-dominated industry where it is shown that 73.6% finance professionals are men while only 26.4% are female, this didn’t stop Jessica from achieving her aspirations. Being a woman only fueled her more.

“One, never let your position as a woman make you think that you’re anything but capable,” Jessica said. “Even though I’m in a male dominated industry, I use what I was given and being a woman as an advantage.”

Jessica has 10 years of experience as a financial advisor with a client satisfaction rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars. Her areas of focus include retirement planning, cash flow management strategies, family finances, and more.

To celebrate women business leaders in October, I wanted to hear what she’s learned from growing and starting up her own business. Like other business leaders, Jessica’s approach to her dreams was very similar.

“It’s never going to feel like you’re ready to be a business owner,” Jessica admitted. “It’s going to be scary but feel the fear and lean into it. You never know until you try.”

October is National Women’s Small Business Month and the Worthington Area Chamber, along with our Women's Business Network, is recognizing and celebrating women business leaders like Jessica. We strive to provide a platform to elevate and empower all women business leaders not just this month, but all year long through development luncheons and networking opportunities.

You can learn more about Jessica and her business by visiting her website.

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